Interview between Bob and Jude LeBoeuf and Brenda LaGroue Mayers, with Brenda Breeze Travel.

Bob and Jude LeBoeuf are truly seasoned travelers who enjoy traveling to the far-reaches of the world. Recently, I asked if they would allow me to interview them. Below are there responses:

When in your life did you realize you wanted to travel?  What prompted that?  

BOB:  I have traveled throughout most of my business career. We started taking nice vacations about 25 years ago when we were living in Colorado.  We purchased a business in our city, things weren't disclosed and we lost a lot of money on it.  We needed a "get-away" trip and took a trip to an exclusive resort in Jamaica.  We liked the place so much that we went back to it continuously for about 11 years. (Note:  We tend to do that - i.e., find a place we like and do it, until we find something that we like better.) Then we took a few trips to Mexico, and an Alaskan cruise.  When I retired, our daughter and son-in-law treated us to a cruise on SeaDream Yacht Club, and we have been cruising with them for the past several years. 

JUDE:   I, too, have always loved to travel - starting with my parents on trips to Florida, Mexico and, when my brother was stationed in Germany in the 70's, I was lucky enough to go with all of them and tour a lot of the countryside and great sites from there, all the way down to Venice and back.

Do you do a "bucket list"?  

BOB:              Not really, we just have a short list of things that we would like to do, and then we do them. 

JUDE:            Right.  We hear of a great traveling destination and that's that.

What basic travel tips would you give to new and seasoned travelers?

BOB:  For new travelers, I suggest that they be adventurous and visit places that they might never see, while they have the chance. Tomorrow promises nothing, and my advice is to "go for it" while you can. We have several good friends who are afraid to leave the US, and we think that they are missing an outstanding chance to see the world.  Bad things can happen here, as well as many other places.  Be smart, but don't be afraid!  Don't let the bad guys win!

JUDE:            We are extremely fortunate at this point of our lives to be able to do this.  When we were first married, we never thought this would be even remotely possible. Our motto is "As long as we can afford it, and as long as we are physically ABLE, (we're no longer spring chickens!) We’re going to do it!"  Other advice:  Talk to your friends/family who are experienced travelers, and also research things like Trip Advisor for destinations, recommendations for everything from hotels, flights, restaurants, tours, etc. AMEN TO THAT! (Don’t let the bad guys win!)

 b) Seasoned travelers? 

BOB:  For seasoned travelers, they don't need advice from us, but I suggest they took a good look at a cruise on a small ship.  (As you know, we love SeaDream Yacht Club.) 

JUDE:  Yes, many people either do not know about small ships (yachts!) like SeaDream, or they are wary of the small size of the ship and "less to do on-board".  SeaDream is made for pampering guests, making them feel as if they own the ship.  On a destination cruise (Island-hopping, etc.), SD gives you time to unwind after your day of touring. No standing in long food lines, and no being stuck with the same people at dinner every night at every time.  On a crossing cruise, SD allows you to totally relax, but to keep just entertained enough, so that you can decide whether to participate or not; try something new. You'll never know what you're missing if you don't!

"The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only one page."  Extremely good advice from St. Augustine -